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Nanton Alberta Artist Maureen Janssens not only creates breath taking original jewelry art, but also uses canvas to paint vibrant and bold, expressive, intuitive art.

“As an artist I use nature (through all her changing seasons) as my inspiration. Painting is letting the brush touch the paint, finding its way to the canvas, and then the magic begins, as it takes on a life of its own.

Acrylic is my choice; it flows like water and gives me the thickness of texture, which I put to canvas. I like to paint using expressive bold brushstrokes while challenging conventional colours.

The huge abstract rolling clouds, wind swept fields, and deep rolling hills provide an ever-changing canvas. How extraordinary is our environment, so impressionistic, so full of life, colour and spirit…each day opens itself with a new pallette!

I like to travel the back roads with my best friend “Chinook” taking photographs so I can capture and hold onto the memories. Painting is the freedom of expression felt deep within my soul!”